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When it comes to payment processing, every merchant has the same requirements: speed, security and reliability. It doesn’t matter whether you sell over-the-counter or by phone, mail or the Web, slow responses and processing errors mean delays at point-of-sale, abandoned shopping carts, unhappy customers and lost sales. Payroc offers fast, reliable payment processing to keep your business moving as well as security services and powerful reporting tools help you prevent fraud, chargebacks and downgrades.



"I can see everything I need to see from my phone, my computer. This has been cost effective in every way. It's pretty incredible."

– Becky R.

Software Integration

Payroc’s payment processing solutions are designed for easy integration with your existing POS software, as well as back office accounting solutions like Payflow, for seamless payment processing, transaction posting and reporting.  We support all major payment gateways, including Authorize.Net and Payflow Pro, as well as an API option for integration with your in-house system.  In addition, Payroc offers complete online access to your transaction data and powerful Web-based reporting tools for additional analysis.


Single-Source Payment Processing

Payroc’s complete payment processing services can simplify record-keeping and payment administration for merchants. With Payroc, you have a single-source solution for electronic payments and check authorizations, unified reporting and a single point of contact for questions and support.

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First, review our suite of products like the all in one talech iPad system, Converge integration with your current hardware, a traditional in-store payments terminal, and more.


After reviewing the proper hardware and software for your business a personal business consultant will customize your order to help you run and grow your business as efficiently as possible.


The final step is to integrate the new systems into your business! Your consultant/concierge will integrate the hardware and software seamlessly and help with any issues that may arise.

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