‘WE ARE the only company in the world able to process business in the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States and Italy from here in our headquarters in Whitefish.’ Giuseppe Caltabiano, president

NXG International

Listening to the message of NXGEN Mexico’s country manager Guillermo Izquerra… And receiving the official ID badges and sales folders!

NXGEN Payment Services’ path to success has been solidly paved with the Whitefish-based company’s strategy for creating lasting relationships with its customers. “We treat our customers, our partners and our suppliers with absolute integrity, reciprocal respect and excellence,”NXGEN President Giuseppe Caltabiano said. “Our customers are served by our team, who believe in treating them honestly and respect-fully to build a long-lasting relationship that will help them grow their business, with excellent solutions, at competitive prices, based on the latest technology. 

”Tom Nitopi, chief executive officer of NXGEN, founded the credit-card processing firm in 1999. Though the company has seen exponential growth worldwide over the past 15 years, its headquarters remain in Whitefish, overlooking the scenic Whitefish River. NXGEN is an international leader in delivering complete payment processing solutions to businesses, government entities and nonprofit organizations throughout the world. Its experience spans all types of industries and provides focused solutions and support that not only enable customers to meet their specific challenges but also helps them improve operations and lower their overall processing costs, according to Caltabiano.

Last year NXGEN International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NXGEN International Inc., launched NXG International in Canada to help Canadian businesses with state-of-the-art solutions. “International expansion has been part of the DNA of NXGEN,” Caltabiano said. “We are the only company in the world able to process business in the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States and Italy from here in our headquarters in Whitefish. We will continue this. We are right now looking at Mexico, Brazil, and the rest of Latin America.

”NXGEN has grown its customers’ total processed volume by about 35 percent year over year, and its revenue by around 20 percent year over year, he added. The company’s Canada Certified is a prime example of NXGEN’s ability to find solutions. The initiative launched in December 2011 allowed Flathead Valley businesses to accept Canadian debit cards.

NXGEN manages its current operations with around 40 employees in the Flathead Valley, five in other offices in the U.S., and five staffers in Canada and the UK. By comparison, Caltabiano pointed out, competitors of similar size with no automation would have operations with 80 to 100 people. Beyond its work force, the company uses a network of about 300 independent contractors around the world.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, NXGEN is on the cutting edge of anticipating its customer’s current and future needs. “Our customers already need chip-card capability,” Caltabiano said. “NXGEN has been providing its customers chip-card capable devices for the last year. This is part of an anti-fraud strategy which NXGEN fully supports and has been doing overseas for years. “Also, data management systems such as cloud-based POS solutions (iPad/tablets) as well as mobile solutions are part of our innovative offerings to the market,” he added.


excerpted from January 20, 2014 Flathead Business Journal