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Wired Terminals

With our array of wired terminal options, you can be sure your payments go through the first time. New mobile dongles, iPads, and cloud-based processing are the future but are also still susceptible to issues like wifi signals and rely on the strength and reliability of consumer grade electronics (phones, tablets, etc.). With these road-tested pillars of the industry, you are hardwired into the phone line with a proven piece of professional hardware meant to do one thing – make sure your payments go through.

Ingenico – ICT220

Sophisticated merchant services in a compact standalone countertop device

Lightweight and stylish, the iCT220 is the rugged, easy-to-use countertop device that gives merchants the freedom to accept electronic card payments, with or without an interface with a cash register or POS system. All iCT220 functions – from payment processing and receipt printing to settlement reporting– operate flawlessly from a single, secure device.

Ingenico ICT250

The smart and compact desktop device designed for maximum efficiency

The iCT250 is the innovative payment solution that’s so smart, it stands alone. It accepts all existing forms of electronic payment – including NFC/contactless, EMV, and magstripe – unrestricted by any other POS limitations because it operates with or without a cash register or POS system interface.

Portable Terminals

Bring compact, reliable 3G wireless mobility to the point of sale

The iWL 250G is designed with reliable 3G technology, for the most demanding environments.


Pin Pads


Converge Virtual Terminal with Card Readers

With the combination of Converge Virtual Merchant and the Magtek uDynamo Card Readers you can take payments anywhere – online, over the phone, or in person via an iPad, iPhone, or Android device. This is the cutting edge of payments and frees you as a business owner from expensive hardware or the limits of the physical world. While many brick and mortars prefer the dedicated terminals above, Converge allows merchants to process in an infinite number of ways and locations all through a single merchant account.

POS and Software Integration

With Elavon’s Simplify product we can easily integrate into with your current or future Micros products from Oracle. This way you can enjoy the complex front and back-end POS software while still being serviced by the teams at Payroc and Elavon.

“Payroc has been a savior for my business. The entire process has been simplified and customer service responds swiftly and accurately to my requests. Also, the diversity of their products essentially guarantees that Payroc has a solution for every merchant, big or small!”

Nathan P

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