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Payroc provides merchants secure solutions for their peace of mind. PCI. EMV. Tokenization.

  • Tokenization – Eliminate card data from a business environment. Tokenization replaces card information with a unique identifier (token) that cannot be mathematically reversed.
  • PCI – 9 out of 10 breaches occur in small business locations. Payroc can assist you to get PCI compliant and even provide breach coverage up to $20,000
  • EMV – Our EMV capable terminals provide 2 way interaction and fraud control between payment and terminal to protect you from financial losses and a negative reputation


Education and Training

Education is one of the most important tools businesses have to prevent fraud. As part of our implementation training, Payroc will educate you and your staff on the most common types of fraud and the potential costs for your business.

We will also provide training on best practices for handling different types of transactions and make recommendations on specific business policies and security procedures appropriate for your business.

Processing and Reporting Software

All of our software options are PCI-DSS compliant and include security features to help prevent fraud.

• Card security codes
• Address Verification Service (AVS)
• Transaction limits by time period
• Tokenization to protect cardholder information
• Negative lists—hot email and hot IP addresses
• Geo-IP identification
• Min/max transaction values for online payments
• MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by Visa fraud protection plugins

Our online reporting and analysis tools help prevent fraud. Full reporting on all of your transactions makes it easy to spot unusual activity that could indicate fraud—a sudden spike in your number of chargebacks, for example.

Financial Protection

In addition to education about PCI-DSS standards and the requirements for achieving compliance, our PCI Compliance Program provides certification assistance and financial coverage in the event of a breach.

You can be covered up to $20,000 per incident depending on your certification and level of compliance. Payroc is proud to  offer our customers financial protection against the costs associated with data breaches.

“You take for granted that everything will run smooth, but if a wrench is thrown in, it is comforting to know that you are backed up by a competent team in your corner.  Thanks Payroc.”

– Dr. James B

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